When it comes to wooden constructions…

Euroco stands tall!
For more than two decades we keep building upon the exraordinary properties of wood as an architectural and construction material. Time and again we have produced and installed unique wooden structures that still make us proud today for their aesthetics, innovation and functionality.

Trussed Rafters
The trussed rafter is an individually designed component, engineered to provide structural frame support for roofs or similar structures.

Pre-fabricated from high quality, stress graded timbers and joined with steel nailplate fasteners, Euroco’s trussed rafter offers:

A flexible, practical and fully engineered solution to any roofing requirements.
Economy of materials as trusses rafters can use up to 30% less timber than a traditionally formed roof.
Reduced labour costs on site.
Quick erection of the roof structure.
Reduction in site waste.
Space saving on site.
Competitive pricing.

Euroco selects the best European timber and use it according to the strictest specifications. Overall quality and durability are assured by our first-class knowledge of wood, the meticulous way in which we process it, the treatment it gets for the protection by fungi or microorganisms as well as from adverse weather conditions, the revolutionary technology of metal plate connectors we use to joint timber parts.
We offer dozens of different trusses layouts for clients to choose from. When needed, our team of expert engineers aided by advanced computer software can provide an in-depth design study and propose the best solution for a wide range of different roof shapes, from low pitched inaccessible roofs to high-pitched attics.

Structural glued – laminated wood (glu-lam) is an engineered, stress-rated product that consists of two or more layers of all-natural lumber. The superiority of this technique to plain timber use is obvious:

We can manufacture structural timbers -beams, columns and pillars- that are much larger than the trees the component lumber originates from. We can also produce them in a variety of dimensions and in straight or curved shapes.
Every piece of wood is used. Glu-lam means the optimum utilization of natural timber. Moreover Glu-lam eliminates the need to harvest larger and older trees for the desirable size of beams.
Checking and drying defects are minimized due to prior seasoning of wood.
Longer life in service because all layers are treated prior to production.
Advanced performance in fire exposure.

EUROCO produces glu-lam beams from fir and spruce timber originated form Central Europe according to the most strict regulations. The timber is kiln died, all defects are removed and lamination is achieved by water resistant synthetic resins.