Full-proof roofsa Euroco specialty

Wood is used for roofs from the dawn of time. Traditional carpentry techniques have been developed and put to the test in almost every country of the world. Millions roofers today are using these techniques to provide safe, weather proof and nice-looking roofs mainly for domestic projects. More often than not their knowledge and available materials are limited or inadequate.

Here is where science, new technologies and Euroco come in. Since 1990, with the expert support of MiTek, we design and manufacture wooden trusses for every possible roof construction. For our pre-fabricated trussed rafters we use computer-aided design to match the architectural concept and reduce the overall cost of the roof –our wooden trusses use up to 30% less timber than a traditional handcrafted-on-site roof.

We also use stress-graded, treated timber and steel nailplate fasteners to make sure the roof will perform flawlessly and for long.