Inspiring Wood – the mission of Euroco

Wood is the material that links modern human civilisation with mother-nature. Its presence signifies our connection with universal values, its organic forms and colours always relay a warm sense of serenity and security. Throughout history, wood has been the predominant structural material for building houses and public halls –from the most temporal and mundane to the most magnificent and memorable.

Wood is the only construction material that can be cultivated! It is also the most recyclable and reusable material man ever came across. Had it not been so we would enjoy visting far more wooden buildings like the Chinese wood-framed houses that stand their ground for as long as seven milennia!

Until recently timber was also thought to be rare and vulnerable to fire and several «micro-enemies». New studies show that wood is above all one of the sturdiest materials for construction. And new technologies make it one of the most trustworthy as well.