// your dream habitat reimagined

E-House is the ideal solution for hotel facilities, hotel bungalows,furnished houses or rooms, depending on the type you choose

// it is GREEN

ZERO eco footprint

With zero ecologiacal footprint and enviromentally friendly materilas the Zerohouse is a 100% ecological construction. The main building material is wood. The bioclimatic design like a shell combined with reinforced heat insulating materials makes the Zerohouse the possibility to save more than 90% on energy savings and reduction of operating costs

// it is FAST

ZERO risk

More than 80% of the Zerohouse is constructed in a controll factory envirometn without being affected by various weather conditions. Also, the cost of the constuction is adjusted according to your needs.

// it is MODULAR

ZERO effort

The idea of constucting the Zerohub under the industrial production of repetive standard units is to cover our clients needs and reducing the cost

// it is UNIQUE

ZERO repetition

The different types of choices in floors,colors,sizes and upholstery give you the opportunity to deisgn your ideal space with your personal aesthetics

Open plan type// Indicated layout// Floor Plan

E-House Products

E-Habit: Camping semi-trailers

E-Kiosk as stands for various uses


E-Bungalow: Bungalows for hotels

Photo Gallery Zerohouses