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  • 🌿 Unlocking Sustainable Construction: The Benefits of Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) 🏗️ As the construction industry continues to evolve, sustainable building materials are becoming increasingly essential. At Euroco, we're proud to champion glued laminated timber (Glulam) as a versatile and eco-friendly

  • The only specialised event in Greece and the Balkans, regarding livestock and poultry, Zootechnia, is being held for the 11th time from 31 January to 3 February at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. All major businesses will be present at Zootechnia and they will present the latest developments

  • ’EUROCO participated at HOTELIA 2017 with the zerohab. An innovative, modular, some prefabricated unit, zero energy consumption.It is manufactured with a structural composite curved laminated timber frame and adapts easily to the needs of the owner, transportable and assembled quickly

  • Euroco participated at XENIA 2017. Responding to the growth of Tourism in Greece, from the mid ‘90s on, Euroco developed new products and techniques and applied them in hotels in every part of the country: HYATT, GOLDEN BEACH RHODES, ALDEMAR,

  • Inspiring Wood – the mission of Euroco Wood is the material that links modern human civilisation with mother-nature. Its presence signifies our connection with universal values, its organic forms and colours always relay a warm sense of serenity and security. Throughout

  • Full-proof roofs – a Euroco specialty Wood is used for roofs from the dawn of time. Traditional carpentry techniques have been developed and put to the test in almost every country of the world. Millions roofers today are using these techniques

  • Beaming excellence (or what Euroco strives for) Irreplaceable as a structural element in theatre and music halls, sports arenas, waterfront decks, gazebos, gym floors, traditional roofing etc., wood is also competing concrete and steel in large scale and demanding constructions. Euroco

  • When it comes to wooden constructions